Jan 27, 2014
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I've finally done it, M0CKE/m again !!

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Heavy Duty Rotator Project

Rotator controller

I decided to build some rotators for our monoband beams, the rotator is designed around an industrial type worm drive gearbox and 24vdc motor with primary planetary geared unit by Parvalux I found on ebay for a very good price.

The design will give upto 540 deg of rotation with 360 deg being acheived in around 50 seconds, turning torque in the region of 25nm and a breaking torque in excess of 1200nm, all controlled over a 5 core cable, rotator weight around 6kg and a very light controller using external power.

This design could be used with a 12vdc motor unit and be operated portable from a battery.

Using a fully solid state controller with LCD display and microprocessor it will enable the rotator to be controlled manually or by computer logging programs and other software. Being fully solid state and using PWM technology the rotator speed and ramp up / down speeds will be adjustable along with upto 540 degree rotation.

The controller PCB utilises an Arduino uno microprocessor daughter board fitted to a fully solid state silent operation PCB designed by myself.

The rotator controller utilises the open source software developed by Goody K3NG

See photo's for pictoral information and watch the test operation video below

M0CKE Antenna Rotator

Video ID: 91170763

Description: M0CKE Antenna Rotator - testing

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